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Tanzania is our home away from home. After more than 35 years living and working here, we know Tanzania’s best-kept secrets, and we’ve tried it all: every campsite, meal and trail has been tested time and again to bring you the perfect safari.

Our Mission

To provide travel experiences of quality and integrity, and to deliver them with the highest level of service and value for our guests. In so doing, we will be socially responsible in the communities and environments where we operate, treading lightly on the land and giving back to the people who welcome us so graciously.

Expert guides

Our local guides know the history and secrets of the land like only born-and-raised Tanzanians could. Beyond their cultural advantage, they’re schooled in African wildlife and trained with lead guides, who boast 10 to 35 years of experience. Fluent in English, they are well-versed in our culture and are friendly, authentic and enthusiastic ambassadors of their country.

Customised Vehicles

We start with the most reliable option, the Land Rover Defender, then modify it with expanded legroom and sightlines. Pop-up roofs offer 360º views while unlimited mileage means you go wherever the wildlife is—with a guaranteed window seat every day. And outlets let you charge your devices while you refuel on complimentary snacks and bottled water.

You can experience the beauty of Tanzania all year round by taking an unforgettable trip. Options for activities include going on a safari, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and ending your journey on the paradise island of Zanzibar. Everything is possible on this trip.

We look forward to arranging your safari!

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